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Zen Entrepreneurship
(Published book, first edition: 2003, second edition: 2013)
This is my recently published book which contains Lessons about Business, Spirituality and the Hidden Worlds.

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Some notable entries from the
Zen Entrepreneur blog:

The Curious Case of Steve Jobs: Intuition and the Entrepreneur

What I learned at Stanford Business School

The Bootstrapper's Dilemma

Meditation and Career Success
(Essay, 1996)
This is an essay that explains the basic tenets of The Path of the Career Warrior.

Myths About Financing a Company
(Essay, 1998)
This is a chapter from Start-Up Myths, a practical how-to manual for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. This chapter talks about the common misconceptions that entrepreneurs often have about raising venture capital or private financing for their company.

From Cambridge To Lahore (Article, 2005)
An MIT startup's experience in outsourcing to Pakistan

This is an article I co-wrote with my brother, Irfan, about outsourcing to Pakistan. To read it, you'll have to purchase the summer 2005 edition of Chowrangi magazine.

Dreams, Careers, and Shamanism

Treasure Hunt: Finding True Success using Synchronicity, Dreams, and Intuition
(Upcoming book)
This is a book that I'm currently writing about the use of dreams in the business world. I'm currently collecting stories to add to this book, so if you have any, please email me at riz@alum.mit.edu

Using Your Dreams to Find a More Soulful Career
(Essay, 1996)
This is an article I wrote which has been published in several places, including: self-growth.com and enchanted spirit . It talks about how dreams can guide us in our search for a more meaningful job/career/work arrangement.

Maricopa Dreaming (Essay, 2005)
An Introduction to the Dreaming Practices of the Maricopa Indians
This is an article I wrote as a result of my research on the dreaming practices of a particular Native American Tribe. The Maricopa Indians live in the southwest and have very strong beliefs about dreams, the "dreamworld" and their influence on "the physical world". If you would like to read this article, please email me at riz@alum.mit.edu and I will send it to you.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

To Light a Candle - An Unofficial Earthsea Companion
This eBook, which I recently compiled, is a companion volume to Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea books, a fantasy series along the lines of Tolkein's Middle Earth (though more spiritually interesting, I think).

This volume contains original artwork from many talented Earthsea fans/artists, and contains an A-Z detailed description of the names, places, and events of Earthsea.

If you would like a copy, email me.

Computer Science and Programming

Domino 4.5 Unleashed (Published Book, 1997)
Collaborative Web Programming Using Lotus Domino Server

This was my first published book. It describes how to use the Lotus Domino platform for building dynamic internet and intranet applications. While it's a bit dated now, those intereseted in how Lotus Notes worked and how IBM/Lotus tried to "transform" it from a client/server into an internet platform might still find it interesting.

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