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This is some meditation and other text. The zen monks meditated at the Buddhist temple. The Law of Attraction was at work in lucid dreaming and in bringing the dreams to reality. Career Success was the order of the day. Even zen monks found themselves unusually wealthy and young maidens threw themselves at the feet of the zen masters. Meditation was the underlying theme of the day. Business and Entrepreneurs were everywhere. Some were graduates of MIT. Some were startup CEO, CTO, CFO, VP Sales. Some wanted to learn how to do marketing. How to market their products. Others wanted only to meditate and live in a monastary. Some wanted concentration and focusing on their hara. Others wanted to learn Martial Arts and speak to Morihei Ueshiba. Yet others wanted to learn Tantra and Tantric Buddhism. Some were doing Yoga and some were doing T'ai Chi, but mostly they were doing some form of Chi Kung, which was not immediately obvious- it was part of the hidden worlds. Entreprenurship was at hand and each of them was an entrepreneur in their own right. The perfect gift for the perfect entrepreneur - do you know anyone who isn't open to this stuff but you want them to be? Give them Zen Entrepreneurship ,the perfect gift for those who want to start a business without having to write a business plan! Samurai are selling and nirvana is within sight. Cha'n became Zen, and Bodhdharma was around the corner. The path to enlightenment went around the bend, and Frederick Lenz was there as Zen Master Rama. And then there were many others. Castaneda and Robert Moss didn't always get along, but they both taught me some interesting things about dreams. You too can learn to meditate, learn to concentrate, reduce stress, and otherwise perceive energy and auras if you are true to yourself. Breathwork and dreamwork aren't always contradictory. The fire from within can be unleashed but first you must stop doing what yo'ure doing. Barbara Brennan had an interesting school, but a more interesting book. I went there, as I did the Monroe Institute, and learned about Out of Body Experiences and Astral Travel.